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The number of properties listed for sale in fell by 10% in December 2011 compared to November 2011.

Of the 625 listings registered with the UK’s leading property web site, for property sales within the postal code 571 were houses with flats making up the remaining 54.

The figures dod show an increase in properties listed for sale in Beverley on December 2010 when just 589 homes were listed for sale.

The cost of continues to rise in the Uk despite the squeeze. In figures released by for December 2011 the prices have increase by on average 1%.

Natiowide are predicting the prices to go sideways or down slightly in 2012 though other property pudits are predicting prices will go donw by upto 10% as continue to push for unrealistic prices.

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The Homes and Communities Agency has today announced the successful bidders to its £1.8bn programme who will deliver more than 150,000 affordable homes during 2011 – 2015.

of Yorkshire Council is one of 26 local authorities across the country that was successful in securing funding to allow just over 150 new homes to be provided, with the added benefit of providing continuing employment in the construction industry on a programme of around £18million.  Further will also be provided by working in the East Riding.

The Council’s bid included a range of schemes in towns and villages across the East Riding involving both new building and refurbishing existing homes and will provide high quality housing to meet the needs of local people.

Councillor Symon Fraser, cabinet portfolio holder for housing, environment and planning at Council, was delighted with the announcement.

He said “This is very welcome .  The funding will allow us to continue to build much needed affordable housing in the East Riding, and will also help to support jobs in construction and related areas.

“We are very grateful to the Homes and Communities Agency for continuing to support us as we tackle the shortage of affordable housing in the East Riding.  We know that there were huge demands on this funding programme, and that regional officers must have lobbied strongly on our behalf to secure this level of funding.”

Officers will now enter into further formal contract negotiations with the Homes and Communities Agency to enable the programme to begin in April 2012.

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’s ‘little bees’ also known as a host of Yorkshire school pupils are now well underway with plans to boost Britain’s shrinking bee population thanks to an exciting initiative with the five-star .

The team from East has now visited all participating schools in the ‘Save the Bee’ project with their own bee mascot to present on why bees play such an important role in our economy and what can be done to help save them at school and at home.

Children from Hall Road Primary, St Vincent’s Primary and Croxby Primary have put together plans for gardens which incorporate ‘bee friendly’ plants and each school will win its own garden based on the chosen design. Each pupil has also been given a goody bag containing lots of fun facts and bee related goodies. The pupil responsible for the winning design will receive an extra gift in the form of some vouchers.

This regional project is part of a long-standing commitment from the Barratt Group which is designed to boost key environmental causes through a host of exciting and diverse activities .

The planting of these special gardens is set to commence in the coming weeks and once completed, the team will be revisiting the schools to start seeing the benefits of the gardens in action.

, Sales Director for Barratt Yorkshire East said; “Bees are vital pollinators in the food chain and when we heard that the population was dwindling we felt the need to help.

“We are delighted by how well the project has gone so far and we look forward to presenting the schools with their gardens.”

Sarah Irwin, Hall Road Primary School said; “We were thrilled when Barratt Homes asked us to take part in this really exciting project. The pupils and staff at Hall Road Primary are passionate about helping the environment in any way that they can and saving the bee is now on the top of our agenda. Everyone is really excited about planting the new garden at school and watching their seeds grow at home.”

“We hope that more people in Yorkshire will get involved and that this time next year we will see a flurry of buzzing bees.”

For more information on Barratt Yorkshire West please call 0800 590733 or visit www.barratthomes.co.uk

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homeowners looking for a new deal are being dealt a mixed hand by the country’s lenders.

As speculation continues over what will happen to interest rates over the next few months or years, mortgage lenders are taking a mainly cautious approach to the deals they will offer.

Anyone looking to buy a house or secure a mortgage for their home in Beverley will know just how difficult is seems to make the right decision – do you try to take advantage of low interest rates now, or try to secure yourself against possible inflation rate hikes?

It’s quite clear which way some of the bigger lenders are leaning, as the cost of a tracker mortgage decreases while fixed-rate deals become more expensive According to figures from financial information group Moneyfacts.co.uk, the average cost of a two-year tracker mortgage for borrowers in Beverley has fallen to just 3.4 per cent, the lowest figures since 1988.

Many of the big players in the mortgage game – including , and – are leading the way in lower tracker mortages, which indicates they expect interest rates to rise over coming months.

Consequently, the cost of trying to insure yourself against interest rates rising is increasing.

The average cost of a two-year fixed mortgage in Beverley is now at a 10-month high of 4.9 per cent, although this does not seem to have deterred many borrowers who fear interest rate hikes as the best deals remain on the market for an average of 14 days compared to 28 days just 12 months ago.

Michelle Slade, spokeswoman for Moneyfacts.co.uk, explained that extra fears about increasing interest rates had caused more and more people to consider changing their , with 27.6 per cent more visitors to the website looking at new mortgage deals.

She said: “Some borrowers have taken a wait and see approach over the last two years, preferring to remain on a lender’s standard variable rate rather than move to a more expensive mortgage deal.”

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