Downsizing is now a major reason for moving house CASH-SAVVY home hunters are choosing to downsize earlier than expected to help with household bills and raise windfall money.

According to a new report, age is becoming less relevant as one in five people are downsizing in their earlier years. The study by reveals 59 per cent of people want to move to a smaller property better suited to their circumstances.

A third would be looking to reduce their bills and one in three wanted to downsize to support their retirementplans. Developer currently has a range of new homes that fit perfectly into the ‘downsizing’ bracket across its locations across , , York, Leeds and North East Lincolnshire.

Linden Homes sales director Steve Woomble said: “Our extensive portfolio of new homes in carefully selected locations offer some fantastic opportunities for people looking to downsize. “These can range from our wonderful coach houses, with very low maintenance outdoor spaces, to three and even four beds that tick all the boxes whilst still offering enough space for the family to visit.” And for those with an existing property to sell, there is the popular part exchange scheme.

Linden Homes will obtain two independent valuations on your existing property from local agents on your behalf. Providing you and your existing property meet certain criteria, Linden Homes will then make you an offer for your existing property, based on the valuation reports by the local estate agents, leaving you free to reserve your new dream home.

Meanwhile, the -backed New Buy scheme is also available to new and existing homeowners. Just a five per cent will secure an apartment or home up to £500,000 – with Linden Homes working in partnership with major High Street lenders to secure a 95 per cent fixed rate .

Other findings of the Lloyds TSB survey include:

- A fifth of those considering downsizing are looking to trade down earlier than expected, with financial concerns as the main reason.

- Almost half of homeowners living in their second home are considering downsizing.

- Some 63 per cent of potential downsizers are aged over 55, and more than a quarter between 46-55. Over five per cent are aged between 36-45.

- 36 per cent of people who make aprofit when they sell their home plan to invest that money into a new property. - It's all about Beverley
Longcroft School Commended in SMart Competition
Following SMart Wind’s second successful year of its SMart Futures Schools programme, students from Longcroft School have been commended as runners-up in a competition to name the next individual wind farms
Jan 262012
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On Tuesday 17th Jan 2012, Mark Adams from was prosecuted by of Yorkshire Council and was found guilty by Magistrates Court of three breaches of the Building Regulations relating to electrical work. He was fined a total of £1000 and ordered to pay £600 costs.

During a routine inspection by an East Riding building control officer, it was discovered that the work carried out by Adams was dangerous and required immediate action to make it safe for the occupant of the domestic property in Willerby.

Mr Adams, trading as A+M Electrical, was found guilty of failing to comply with the Building Regulations by not providing an earth to the electrical system which made it unsafe and failing to notify the Authority of the commencement and completion of the work. - It's all about Beverley

Residents of the village of Weel in are the latest customers in and East Yorkshire to be offered KC’s superfast fibre optic broadband.

KC is connecting customers in Weel using fibre to the home to give customers speeds of 100Mbps. Existing Karoo customers can take part in a trial of the new service which includes unlimited downloads.

Councillor Stephen Parnaby, Leader of Council, said “It’s great to see KC installing fibre in rural areas in the and giving residents there access to the very best broadband available in the UK. Too often rural residents are neglected when it comes to the provision of services, but KC’s demonstrates its commitment to the whole region.”

With speeds of 100Mbps – more than twice as fast as BT’s Infinity fibre service – KC’s superfast fibre optic broadband will allow customers to download an entire music album in less than two seconds, an hour-long television show in around 30 seconds and a full high-definition movie in one to two minutes.

KC’s Director of Network and Engineering Services, Andy Whale, said “For me, the most satisfying part of our fibre roll-out is seeing the reactions on customers’ faces when they first try the service. At first people are simply amazed at just how fast it is, which is quickly followed by excitement about what they’ll be able to do with their new broadband service.

“Over the last two years we’ve invested several million pounds in our network to upgrade it and increase its capacity so that our customers already get a fantastic broadband experience as they spend more time online and use services that need much more bandwidth.

“With our multi-million pound investment in fibre broadband we’re bringing the full power of the internet into their homes and businesses.”

Weel, on the outskirts of , has previously experienced low download speeds due to its distance from the nearest telephone exchange. KC chose to deploy fibre there to both improve customers’ speeds and also because it’s one of the most technically challenging areas in which to deliver superfast broadband.

KC has already connected more than 200 customers to its new superfast fibre broadband in Woodmansey and in Hull city centre.

By the end of next year KC will offer fibre broadband to 15,000 homes and businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire, with locations and information about the different services available due to be announced at the beginning of January.

In the meantime, a demonstration suite in KC’s at its main office in Carr Lane is showcasing the new super fast service so customers across Hull and East Yorkshire can drop in to see for themselves how fibre will transform their online experience.

To find out more or sign up for the trial in the Great Thornton Street area or Weel people can call KC’s fibre team on 01482 604911 or visit - It's all about Beverley

QualitySolicitors Lockings based in , and Hedon are delighted to announce that they have secured membership of the Law Society’s Quality Scheme – the mark of excellence for the home buying process. As a quality standard for residential practices, it marks out the firm as meeting the high standards set by the Scheme.

The Scheme requires practices to undergo a strict assessment, compulsory training, self reporting, random audits and annual reviews in order to maintain CQS status. It is open only to members of the Law Society who meet the demanding standards set by the scheme and has the support of the Council of Lenders, the , Legal Ombudsman and the Association of British Insurers.

Neil Oakes, Head of Residential Conveyancing at the firm explains:

“By becoming members of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme we are showing our clients and potential clients that we adhere to good practice management standards and to prudent and efficient conveyancing procedures and that we offer an excellent service at what can be a very stressful time for people.”

“My team’s shared philosophy is to make the moving process as stress free as possible by providing honest, realistic advice. I know that a cause of frustration when moving home is lack of communication so we endeavour to keep clients fully informed throughout the process. QualitySolicitors

Lockings’ conveyancing team is very busy. Even during the current economic downturn we are finding that local property owners are coming to us because we are a trusted name on the high-street and as a result we have a big share of the local conveyancing market.”

For further information on QualitySolicitors Lockings please call 01482 300200 or visit - It's all about Beverley
Nov 182011
KC Colour Pages

Local classified business directory KC Colour Pages was awarded the title of the UK’s Directory of the Year at the PPA Data & Digital Publishing Awards in London last week.

The awards recognise and promote excellence in directory and online publishing and celebrate the best in the industry across the UK.

KC Colour Pages was described by award judges as a ‘beacon for other directories’ due to its local focus and popularity with customers.

Nick Thompson, KC’s Director of Consumer and Information Services, heads the team that produces the directory.  He said: “KC Colour Pages has been around for 57 years, which in itself is a measure of its success in helping local business promote their services.

“It’s the most widely-used business directory in the local area, and we try to make every edition we produce more useful than the last. We’re delighted to be recognised in this way for our efforts to bring buyers and together.”

KC Colour Pages is ’s original and most comprehensive local business directory, distributed to more than 240,000 homes and businesses across and .  It continues to thrive in an online age by making the most of the latest – many ads in the directory feature Quick Response codes that can be scanned by smartphones, while has its own application to make it easier for people to use it while they’re on the move.

KC’s directory sales and marketing teams were also shortlisted for awards at the event, while General Manager Steve Allbones was a finalist in the Publishing Executive of the Year category. KC was just pipped to the post in the Digital Publisher of the Year category for its website by the online version of Which? magazine. - It's all about Beverley
Nov 162011

QualitySolicitors Lockings based in , and Hedon are keen to raise awareness of the importance of having a Will and keeping it up-to-date.

Each year thousands of people die in this country and most of them leave their families with all the problems of Intestacy, which means to die without a legally valid Will.

CHERYL Leaning, says: “If you have children, own a home have savings or have a business, then having a Will applies to you.  It isn’t the daunting prospect many people might imagine, it actually provides a sense of relief to know that loved ones will be taken care of as stated in the Will.  The common mistake made is that people believe their possessions will automatically be passed on to family members.  This is not always the case, as without a Will, the courts could decide how the estate is divided.”

“It is just as important to keep a Will up-to-date.  If a couple separate and don’t change their Will it could mean that upon death the ‘Ex’ would inherit the estate.”

Having a Will written by a solicitor ensures that it is stored safely and can be kept up-to-date when circumstances change.

As the saying goes – ‘Where there’s a Will there’s a way’, for further information, please call QualitySolicitors Lockings on 01482 300200 or visit - It's all about Beverley
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The council is carrying out a further public consultation on the ’s planning blueprint for the future known as the ‘Local Development Framework.’

The consultation is on the draft Core Strategy, which is the main planning document for the Local Development Framework. Once adopted, the Core Strategy will guide decisions on the location of new , businesses, shopping, leisure and community facilities to 2028, and will replace the existing Local Plans.

A previous consultation took place in summer 2010, which generated 2250 comments. The council has decided to carry out a further consultation on specific parts of the Core Strategy so that it can address responses to last year’s consultation and take into account new information on the demand and need for new housing and the amount of jobs that are expected to be created.

The consultation seeks views on:

*     The ‘vision’ statements which set out how the East Riding’s main towns will look by 2028.

These have been prepared for Anlaby/Willerby/Kirkella; ; ; ; ; ; Hessle; Willerby; Elloughton/Brough; Hedon; ; ; ; ; and .

*     The number of new houses that will be built throughout the East Riding and  how many will be built in each town and village.

The consultation proposes that 25,500 new houses will be built in the East Riding  for the period up to 2028.  This reflects a number of issues including: anticipated demographic changes  (birth rates, death rates, migration into and out of the East Riding); the level of anticipated housing need (for example, emerging new households); the number of new jobs that are forecast to be provided; and the need to limit development near in order to support the city’s regeneration.

The number of new houses proposed in ‘rural service centre’ villages has been reduced to address local priorities about keeping new development in these settlements proportionate to the size of the village.

*     Changes to the policy setting out what types of development can be built in smaller rural villages and the countryside, including:

o     Allowing small scale housing development in villages that are close to the main towns and which have good access to larger centres. Small scale is usually no more than five homes. Examples include Barmby Moor, Nafferton and Woodmansey.

o     Allowing single homes to be built in rural villages that have basic services such as a shop, village hall or primary school without  the requirement to demonstrate ‘local needs’ for new houses.

*     The amount of land that is needed to support new jobs and the economy.

Updated economic growth forecasts suggest that 235 hectares of employment land is needed in the East Riding to 2028. The majority of employment land in the East Riding is located along the M62 corridor at sites such as Capitol Park/Junction 36 at Goole, Melton, Hessle/Humber Bridgehead.

In addition, approximately 200 hectares is proposed at Hedon Haven to support the anticipated growth of the renewable and low carbon energy sector and the recently announced ‘Enterprise Zone’ status.

*     The amount of affordable housing that will be provided with new housing developments.


Recent studies of affordable housing needs and the East Riding housing market suggest that, in the larger towns, affordable housing should be required on sites where 15 or more homes are built. In other areas affordable housing will be required when three or more homes are built. The proportion of the new housing that should be affordable varies throughout the East Riding from 5 to 25 per cent depending upon how economically viable it is to build in different areas.

*     How much recreation space will be provided through new developments.

The consultation proposes what standards we should use to determine how much and what types of recreational and amenity space will be provided with new developments.

How to access the document and make comments Full details about the Local Development Framework and all its documents including information on the number of proposed houses in different parts of the East Riding is at

Telephone: 01482 391739


Address: Forward Planning, County Hall, Cross Street, Beverley, 9BA

The consultation closes on Monday 19 December 2011.

Public ‘drop in’ sessions are being held throughout the consultation period at the following locations, from 2.30-6.30pm:

Date              Location

Tues. 22 November       Withernsea Library

Tues. 22 November       Hessle Library

Wed. 23 November Bridlington North Library

Tues. 29 November       Hedon Library

Tues. 29 November       Pocela Centre,  Pocklington

Wed. 30 November Goole Library

Thurs. 1 December Beverley Library

Thurs. 1 December       Willerby Library

Mon. 5 December   Driffield Library

Tues. 6 December Petuaria Centre,  Brough

Tues. 6 December Hornsea Library

Wed. 7 December   Howden Library

Wed. 7 December   Wicstun Centre, Market Weighton

Thurs. 8 December       Cottingham Library - It's all about Beverley
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Family Safe Window Systems are proud to announce the launch of their new integrated Window and fire escape ladder system. – invented and developed by Family Safe Window Systems of Kingston upon , , HU9 1RP

Sadly very few UK homes have an adequate means of escaping from an upstairs bedroom window. Family Safe has launched the new Family Safe Fire Escape window system to dramatically improve the chances of surviving a fire in the home.

In 2010 the UK Fire and Rescue Service attended over 277,000 fires in England and Wales alone, over 320 people died and a further 7,400 required medical attention for burns, smoke inhalation, broken bones, cuts and abrasions incurred during falls and dropping from heights was also a factor. The majority of those involved in these fires found that finding a quick means of escape was the most difficult part. The Family Safe Window system has been designed with this in mind.

On discovering a fire in the home, the first thought is always of ensuring that all the family can get out. Sadly the design of most bedroom windows in the UK do not lend themselves to making climbing out of them and getting to the ground easy.

Family Safe Windows decided to eliminate the window design flaw, so no matter what your window design is, be it just two small top opening windows and one large fixed bottom pane of glass or even a solid window with no openings, when mounted into the Family Safe Window System, it is effortlessly moved out of the way and at the same time an automated rigid ladder is deployed both inside the room to aid the climb up onto the window sill and another rigid ladder is deployed outside from the window sill to the ground. Both these ladder systems become fixed rigid ladders, making them easy for any member of the family to climb safely to the ground.

For those of the family who are too small or have limited mobility or just feel they can’t use a ladder, then they can use the integrated pulley and harness system to be lowered to the ground. Harnesses for adults, children, infant cradle harness and even pets can all be lowered safely away from the burning building.
Family Safe is a family owned company, the product was first designed for our own family’s safety, once the first system was built, we recognized that lots of people would need and want a safe means of escape in the event of a fire at their home. That’s why we have developed the system and put it into full production and it is now available today on line and at selected window installers around the UK.“, Steve John, owner of Family Safe Window Systems, explained. We are very confident that our fire safety window will safe lives, give an enormous level of peace of mind and it will also increase the value of the properties it is installed in,.”, he added.

The main safety Features of the Family Safe Window System are:

  • Forms an easy means of escape from a house fire
  • The quick and easy deployment of the window and ladders is part of the automated design
  • Developed with every family member in mind and every window no matter what the window configuration• Can be reused should a home unfortunately experience more than one house fire.

The Family Safe Window System is simple to install, simple to use and designed to save lives. We know that the peace of mind the Family Safe Window System offers a parent can not be put into words. The Family Safe Window System will fast become the first choice in house fire protection. - It's all about Beverley

SITE managers working for local & have scooped three prestigious awards in a national competition to find the best-run building sites in Britain.

Mark Thomson, gained official recognition for the excellence of the Barratt Vogue site he runs in , with the receipt of a Pride in the Job Quality Award. This is Mark’s Fourth accolade for his outstanding pride in the job and quality of work.

He was joined on the winners’ podium by fellow Quality Award winners Richard Cadman, who runs the David Wilson site at Serenity, Doncaster and Mark Titley, who is based at the brand new David Wilson Bradley Park development in .

This is Mark Titley’s first role as a Site Manager and to receive a Quality Award in his first year is a great achievement and hugely deserved for his dedication and hard work at the innovative, new development.

The Pride in the Job Quality Awards are the most coveted in the housebuilding industry. They are awarded after the construction standard setting body NHBC (National House-Building Council) carries out a series of spot check site inspections to select the best-organised and best-quality developments.

Almost 13,000 site managers throughout the UK were judged on every aspect of their job, including technical skill, quality workmanship, customer service and site safety.

All three site managers will now go forward to the final round of the competition which will select the best site manager in Britain.

Paul Newman, Managing Director of Barratt & David Wilson Yorkshire East said: “The official recognition of the jobs which Mark Titley, Richard Cadman and Mark Thomson are doing shows that Barratt & David Wilson is building some of the best quality homes in the country right here in Yorkshire.”

“The site manager plays a pivotal role in delivering high-quality new homes and that is why we are so delighted with all three of these national awards.”

“We are determined to continue operating at the highest possible level and deliver hundreds more homes of exceptional quality in Yorkshire in the next 12 months.”

Caption; Mark Thomson and Mark Titley play a pivotal role in delivering high- quality new homes. - It's all about Beverley

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